About Ancient herbal wisdom.  Modern science.

About Zi Xiu Tang Beauty, Face & Figure Capsules bring together the history of  traditional Chinese medicine and the search for the latest technology to create the most effective bee pollen capsules available.  Start losing weight and achieving healthier skin today with Zi Xiu Tang Beauty, Face & Figure Capsules!

Through history we all want to keep fit and maintain our youth — and we chase a million different fads and artificial products to do so.  We search and search until we find this amazing product that does every thing it claims to do!

About the key to weight loss and healthy skin is provided by nature itself:  bee pollen.

This Chinese secret to staying in shape and have vibrant glowing skin is only found in specially formulated Zi Xiu Tang Beauty, Face & Figure Capsules, created by Guangzhou Zi Xiu Tang Bio-Technology Company, the No. 1 weight loss company in China today.  Zi Xiu Tang capsules bring together traditional Chinese medicine and modern science to formulate the most effective bee pollen capsules available.  With just one package, you can shed up to 10% of your body fat for a more youthful, healthier you.

We honor history and the wisdom of Chinese medical theory by using only the finest natural bee pollen.  We search using  the latest technology, such as advanced Japanese refinement methods, to refine bee pollen’s unique bio-active agents into the purest form possible.  Our formula has been extensively tested and perfected in over 1,000 clinical trials.

The revolutionary health benefits of bee pollen have been known for years.  Zi Xiu Tang’s patented refinement methods take the power of bee pollen one step further.  Our formula penetrates deep into your cells, helping expel fat from the body.  Additionally, Zi Xiu Tang improves human endocrine and micro-circulation function, and clears blemishes and promotes healthier skin.

But that’s just the beginning.  Zi Xiu Tang Beauty, Face & Figure Capsules also helps:

Support increased metabolism

Lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol                   About

Boost your immune system

Alleviate symptoms of allergies

Enhance your sex drive

Improve your sexual performance

Reduce menstrual discomfort

The almost endless benefits of Zi Xiu Tang Face and Beauty Capsules are enhanced by other natural ingredients in our formulation, including Chinese yams, wolfberries, barberry, lotus seed and dietary fiber.

Order now and let this ancient secret to well-being help you achieve a healthier lifestyle today.

About Guangzhou Zixiutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2004, Guangzhou Zixiutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is the premier producer of holistic Chinese medicines.  With a commitment to using only the safest, purest ingredients, Guangzhou Zixiutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. brings herbal health alternatives to consumers in Asia, Europe and America.  Its about their balance of respect for history and ancient Chinese medicine and the search with modern technology ensure that you only receive the highest quality natural health products.

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